Dutch Neuropsychology Foundation

The Dutch Neuropsychology Foundation (Stichting Neuropsychologie Nederland) has existed since March 16, 2006. The aims of the Foundation are:

  • to promote scientific research in the field of neuropsychology;
  • to promote clinical application of the results of neuropsychological research;
  • to increase awareness of neuropsychology in the general public.

The Foundation attempts to realise these goals by organising lectures and symposia for a broad audience, by awarding the Betto Deelman prize, the Dirk Bakker Visiting Professorship and by other means that attract public attention.

The revenues of the Foundation consist of royalties of books and other publications on neuropsychology.

The Betto Deelman prize is awarded each year to a distinguished Dutch neuropsychologist.

Betto Deelman (1934 – 2012) was the founding father of Dutch neuropsychology. Based at the University of Groningen in the northern part of the Netherlands, he lectured for many years and did research, mostly on clinical neuropsychological issues. Aphasia, amnesia, traumatic brain injury and its rehabilitation, and gerontology were some of his many interests. He educated entire generations of young neuropsychologists, researchers and clinicians alike.

After his retirement he remained an active member of the neuropsychological community. He founded the Neuropsychology Section of the Dutch Association of Psychologists (Nederlands Instituut van Psychologen, NIP), the largest professional association for psychologists in the Netherlands, representing more than 13,000 members. Deelman was the first President of the Neuropsychology Section. Deelman also was most instrumental in establishing the postgraduate training program for clinical neuropsychologists, and in obtaining governmental approval for board registration of the profession.